Friday, March 16, 2007

BLOG # 7 (2007)

APRIL- MAY 2007 (and a few beyond)


2. CONCERTS IN THE UU DOME (UU Church of Tampa)

3. A TAFEE CONCERT TOO (At Skipper's Smokehouse)

April - May house concerts: Six South Tampa House Concerts, Westshore/Gandy area, are planned for April & May. See below for details. They are by invitation only and space is limited. If you'd like an invitation, please contact me and I'll be happy to provide the particulars. My contact info can be found at the top of the concert page at the UU Church of Tampa website. Go to & click on concerts.

May 10 & looking ahead to July .. Two UU Dome Concerts are upcoming:
PLEASE REFER TO & click on concerts for details.

(1) On May 10th, we will feature the OH SO DYNAMIC KEVIN SO at the UU Dome. . Laurie McClain will open. In addition to the concert, there will be a pre-concert buffet. Concert. 8pm. Buffet starting at 6:30.

(2) On July 8th, 3 pm, we will feature the Tantalus Guitar Quartet at the UU Dome (this quartet was formed at Fla State University -- Tantalus was very tantalizing the last time they were at the Dome. We can expect more of the same this go-round.) For Concert details see (click on concerts).

SUNDAY JUNE 10 WE RESURRECT TAFEE TO PRESENT A CONCERT AT SKIPPER'S SMOKEHOUSE (TAFEE has been dormant for awhile -- time to wake her up!) TAFEE PRESENTS: THE RONNY, BOBBY, & JIMMY SHOW. Ronny Elliott. Bobby Hicks. Jim Carrick. From 5 - to about 9. Tentative Schedule: Starting at 5, Ronny will do a 40 minute set --- Followed by a 40 minute set by Bobby --- Followed by a 40 minute set by Jimmy -- followed by a break --- followed by an hour of in-the round music from the irrepressible, irresistable threesome. Ronny & Bobby are from Tampa. Jim is from St Augustine. Don't have websites at my fingertips for Jim & Bobby -- but if you google, you can find info about them. Ronny's site is


WHAT: South Tampa House Concert
WHEN: Sun. April 1. 6pm -- Doors 5:30 pm
WHO: JOHN "PAINTBRUSH" DANLEY, a guitarist and social satirist.
JOHN'S WEBSITE: John Danley is an award winning experimental finger-style guitarist from Nashville who is sometimes compared to Leo Kotke. He has a unique guitar style in that he picks the guitar while simultaneously using a paintbrush for percussion. John is also a satirist who has appeared on National Public Radio's "All Things Considered." During his concerts, along with his great guitar music, he also provides humorous, sometimes biting, social commentary. Fantastic music + thought provoking satire = a stimulating, thoroughly enjoyable & out of the ordinary experience.

WHAT: South Tampa House Concert
WHEN: Sun. April 15th. 4pm. Doors 3:30 pm.
WHO: SAM PACETTI w/Sal & Terry, of the Tampa Bay Finger Style Guild.

SAM PACETTI has achieved a dazzling command of the guitar. Not only does Sam play well - he sings well too. A mesmerizing live performer, Sam seamlessly melds head-spinning guitar pyrotechnics and raw emotion into one breathtaking package.

TERRY PREMRU is an accomplished guitarist, having played and taught for many years. SAL DiTROIA has quite the history, including having backed up major artists such as Barbara Strisand and having played on several hit records.

WHAT: South Tampa House Concert
WHEN: Tues. April 17th. 8pm. Doors 7:30 pm.

Carey's graceful, soaring voice and her poignant, powerful songwriting first draw listeners in, while her wry, self-mocking humor and stories keep them coming back.

Per "Edie Carey's reputation is well-deserved. She is filled with such high-spirited energy and humor that you can't take your eyes off her. You need to have good stories, good lyrics, and a super-engaging style to pull off truly confessional music, and [she] does it with equal parts love for her audience and star-quality panache."

Per Paste Magazine: "Edie Carey is gifted with one of those voices that could sound great singing anything...Vulnerable and pleasing, Carey draws us into her world, where we find we have a lot in common.

"Per Creative Loafing, Atlanta: "Carey is a wonderfully expressive singer-songwriter who deftly balances wrenching musical vignettes with engaging stories and an overall friendly vibe. "*************************************************

WHAT: South Tampa House Concert
WHEN: Sat. April 28. 8pm. Doors 7:30 pm.
Websites: http://www.davidjacobsstrain/

Has it really been 5 years ago since I first organized a concert for David? Oh boy. How time flies. In 2002 David wasn't old enough to rent a car so transportation had to be arranged for him to get from N.C. (Merlefest) to Tampa. Thanks to Sherry & David, the transportation problem was solved. Now, 5 years later, David is old enough to rent a car. He's also had 5 years to hone his musicianship -- which was fantastic back then -- & now even more so. Go to his Myspace & take a listen to the audio. You'll know what I'm talking about.

David Jacobs-Strain emerged from the rain soaked mountains of Western Oregon storming the festival circuit as a dynamic blues prodigy. Like a diesel powerhouse of raw energy, David speeds across the landscape of the Country Blues to the earthbound grooves of the Mississippi Delta, with his driving slide guitar and fervent vocals. His passion stretches the limits of the blues with blazing guitar breakdowns that verge on psychedelia and highlight his intimate knowledge of the fretboard.

"David's material comes across like a master as yet undiscovered, an acoustic gem ready to take on all comers and deservedly waiting his place among the elite of his profession. — Greg Johnson, Cascade Blues Notes

WHAT: South Tampa House Concert
WHEN: Fri. May 11. 8 pm. Doors 7:30 pm.

Note. This concert was originally scheduled as a double bill with Tammerlin. It has been changed to Peter Lang in a solo bill (and perhaps a surprise guest who will do 2 or 3 songs)..

In 1972 Peter Lang was discovered by the legendary guitarist John Fahey who signed him to his (Fahey’s) record label. Per Dirty Linen magazine: "Lang is still firmly rooted in the 60s/70s John Fahey/Leo Kottke blues/folk/Americana styling that he helped pioneer; and it is certainly refreshing to hear it being played this well by one of the masters… Lang's gift lies in expression. He projects an emotional force in his playing more similar to Beethoven or Tchaikovsky than to anything mainstream today….” In addition to being very adept in the guitar dept. Peter is equally adept in the singing dept with his well seasoned bluesy vocals.

WHAT: South Tampa House Concert
WHEN: Sat. May 19. * 3 - 7 p.m.

3 - 4: Pot Luck finger-food/sandwiches/sweets/snacks
4 - 5: Charley Groth Featured Set
5 - 7 (or later) Circle Acoustic Jam/s
Charley is a well-known singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and music teacher. His long musical career has taken him from coast to coast and abroad, during which time he shared the stage with the likes of Bill Monroe, Merle Travis, Ricky Skaggs. He recentlyand currently is sharing the stage with several young talented European musicians such as fiddler Jiri Kralik.

Charley has performed at the annual Florida Folk Festival for the past 25 years. He has presented historical musical shows around the state for the Florida Humanities Council. He is also the director of the Sunshine State Acoustic Music Camp (a weekend music campwhich takes place annually in St Petersburg). In 1989 the Florida Department of State honored him by naming him a Florida Master Artist.

Charley will be home in Largo for a while in May before embarking on another ambitious tour. Before he takes off for world stages, we're having this get-to-gether/ pot luck/ circle jam/socializing event in his honor. PLUS - Himself will be doing a concert for us. Don't miss it.

WHAT: South Tampa House Concert
WHEN:Sun. May 20. 7 pm. Doors 6:30 pm.

Tom Kimmel is a unique singer-songwriter whose music is timeless. In spite of his songs having been covered by major artists such as Johnny Cash, Linda Ronstadt, Randy Travis, Waylon Jennings (to name a few), Tom has always considered himself first and foremost as a performer (albeit early on as a rock n roller).. Tom connects as deeply with his audiences as he does with his songs. Experiencing Tom Kimmel up close and personal in the intimate setting of a house concert is an opportunity you don’t want to be miss.

WHAT: South Tampa House Concert
WHEN: Tues May 22. Doors 7:30 pm. Concert 8 p.m.
WHO: MAGGI & PIERCE (No E.J.) & Introducing: New Baby Diver
Also - there will be a guest appearance by local duo Hannah's Whorl.
HOW MUCH: A donation towards Baby Diver's Diaper Fund.

Maggi & Pierce of MPE fame are on maternity leave from MPE for a short time, taking care of new Baby Diver. During this time, they haven't totally set aside their music, but instead they are doing a few concerts as an acoustic duo. They call their duo "Hymn for Her." There are links from to Hymn for Her myspace & also to Baby Diver's myspace. Maggi & Pierce (with baby) will soon be leaving Florida for a while to reclaim their MPE incarnation and to become touring musicians again. Let's wish them a fond farewell & make sure Baby Diver has enough diapers for her journeys.. Y'all come.