Monday, June 15, 2009

Gloria's Music Blog #22 (June 15, 2009)

About Gloria. My contact info can be found at the top of the concert page at the UU Church of Tampa website.Go to & click on concerts.


(UU Church of Tampa)
Unitarian Universalist Church of Tampa (UU Dome) 11400 Morris Bridge Rd, Tampa, FL 33637; 813-988-8188

Have slowed down w/the UU Dome concerts. Not stopped - just slowed down. I have hopes of a classical one this summer w/two local wonderful classical artists, pianist John Hernandez & tenor Paul Diaz-Cobo. Also, in the not too distant future, I have hopes of organizing a concert or two featuring some of our talented local young musicians (teens & even younger) that I've met recently. Will post the details as soon as they get worked out..

Looking to the future:Jan 2010: Acclaimed Nashville guitarist RICHARD SMITH

Late Feb 2010: STILL ON THE HILL
(hopefully a childrens concert & a grown-up concert)

AND.. Of course, between now & then, I'm sure there are others that will materialize.


RSVP's necessary. To RSVP, email me at gsholloway at email dot com. or call me at 813-837-6572.

Suggested Donation per person per concert.. $10 - $20

THURS 6/18/09 . Doors 7:30 - Concert 8:00. ELLIS. with LORNA BRACEWELL OPENING.
(Both are Contemporary singers-songwriters- guitarists)

I met Ellis and Terri Mazurek, her agent, at this year's Folk Alliance conference. Ellis had an official showcase in a fairly good-sized room. I enjoyed her set very much - as did the packed SRO crowd. To say that she was well received is an understatement. I later got a chance to meet her & Terri & told them about the house concerts & invited them to get in touch if they were ever headed this way & had an open date to fill.. And so it has come to pass. They are flying into Tampa & then headed to Sanibel for R&R. Ellis has some Tampa fans who rec'd word from her about the concert & theyhave already RSVP'd. But.. There is still plenty of space. Give me a shout if you'd like to attend.

LORNA BRACEWELL WILL OPEN. (Contemporary Singer-Songwriter-Guitarist). It's always quite a treat to experience Lorna. Icing on the cake to have Lorna participate in this concert.

WED 6/24/09. Doors 7:30 - Concert 8:00. GOVE SCRIVENOR. (Roots/Americana/Blues - Autoharp - Guitar) Yep. It's Gove - again. He's become a regular. And THAT'S A GOODTHING!. One can never get too much of Good Ole Gove. Same as with Ellis, the word has gotten out to his fans that he's to behere & I've rec'd several RSVP's already, but.. there's still space. If you'd like to attend, please give me ashout.

Sun 6/28/09. Doors 2:30 - Concert 3:00. ROD MACDONALD. (Contemporary Singer-Songwriter-Guitarist) Prolific Rod.. He has a new CD. I'm sure we'll be hearing some songsfrom the new recording - plus favorites from past recordings. "Throughout a 35-year performing career, Rod MacDonald has beenentertaining audiences worldwide with his timeless ballads, modern folk songs, and his musical versatility. Possessing the heart ofa troubadour, the soul of a poet and the voice of a virtuoso, he is as distinctive an entertainer as he is a songwriter. Known forhis passionate interest in the events that shape our world's societies, Rod is a prolific and poignant communicator who is regardedas "one of the most politically and socially aware lyricists of our time." (All Music Guide).
Give me a shout if you'd like to attend.

Wed. 7/22/09. STEVE DEASY(from Detroit).. ( Contemporary Singer-songwriter. Nice guitar. Nice vocals.) Writing aboutpeace - justice - love - socially conscious issues (satire & humor abound).. Good stuff. I met Steve at the Folk Alliance &learned he had family in Tampa area that he planned to visit this summer.. I didn't get a chance to hear him live, but he gave mea CD & I listened & also checked out his myspace & youtubes. Was very impressed with what I saw & heard & I bet you wil be too.Check him out & see what you think. If you'd like to attend, let me know.

A review from a recent house concert: ".... his original songs are about Detroit, life, social justice and peace. Steve'ssongwriting has been recognized by the Music To Life and the Great Lakes Songwriting competitions.... He is quite the entertainer,knows how to be serious and how to have fun with his music. He played one instrumental which was very much like a ragtime piecethat was very interesting, and some of his other compositions were beautifully done, with unusual chord structures that tickled and surprised and soothed -- ah! Music! It delights the soul!... "

Either 8/5 OR 8/6/09? (to be determined) WALTER STRAUSS. Referred by Stevie Coyle. ( Contemporary Singer-songwriter. Spectacular guitar!!!) If you are a Burns Sisters fan, you are probably familiar w/Walter. He used to play guitar with them. Quite spectacuilar guitar at that! But not only is he a guitarist, he's a songwriter & a singer. To wit: "...... an amazing guitarist, composer, stylist, and humorist, he made the 350+ seat theater seem like a very special private show in his living room." - Eric Taber, Artistic Director, Margate Performing Arts Center, Margate,NJ.

Mid Oct 09 - JEFF TALMADGE (tentative). (Contemporary Singer-Songwriter-Guitarist- Americana - Folk ) If you like Guy Clark, I bet you'll like Jeff too. When I listen to him, I'm reminded of Guy. We 're talkin' some really good songs..

Tues Oct 27 09- HOLLY & BARRY TASHIAN.
(Folk - Americana . Great harmonies) A tidbit about Barry. Remember the Remains? Barry was a Remain - The Remains toured with & opened for The Beatles. Barry wrote an entertaining book about that experience.

Late Oct/Early Nov 09 - Mr AutoHarp Himself, BRYAN BOWERS ..

Tentative Nov 09 ROY ZIMMERMAN (singer-songwriter .. POLITICAL humor/satire POLITICAL WITH A CAPITAL "P" )